"The word Chivalry is derived from the French cheval, a horse."
If you're hotter than me, then that means I'm cooler than you.
2nd January 2017

Well its a new year and a new page for the website.   With over 65+ winners and over 100+ places last year it has certainly kept me busy.  But who's complaining?   Of course we can always do better.......

Whilst I am awaiting our first win of the year I thought I would tell you about recent building works.  First of all we had the barn next to the walker changed from simple storage to stables to help demand. The photo below is obviously work in progress but the new stables are finished and full use already.
Now that the storage has been turned into stables there was now a need for storage space!  So just before Christmas work started on this.
A new barn/storage space.  This too is finished and I will post up a photo later.  Due to some clever thinking it also doubles as a walker cover.  Keeping the rain and the worst of the weather off the horses in winter and in the shade in summer.  Again more up-to-date photos to follow.
Last night I had a drive up to the stables.  Arriving early there were little staff on so all the horses heard me arrive and stuck their heads out of the doors expecting an early dinner.  Instead they were treated to a couple of bags of Asda's finest carrots, the only shop I could find open on a Sunday/New Years Day.

Wandering down to the bottom stables I came across Assistant Trainer Mary, our latest reader since she got an ipad for Christmas, busy double rugging the horses as they expected a cold night.  It certainly puts the work they do in to perspective when you look at a 'simple' job like double rugging the horses.  Double rugging is when you take off the rug they are already wearing and put on the equivalent of a string vest then put the original rug back on top.  Standing at the door watching her work, who says chivalry is dead, I put my thinking head on and calculated to do all the horses in the yard its a minimum of 240 buckles to be undone and 240 buckles to be redone.  80 straps to be unfastened and the same ones to be fastened again if they did all the horses. I wont grumble about having to tie my shoe laces again.   This is of course on top of feeding, watering, cleaning and disposing of the horse's food refunds.  It was cold and dark. Who would not appreciate the work they do?  Never leaving till all has been done.  They certainly earn their money.

Thats all for now.  More up dates to follow and hopefully more wins to report in this new year. 
3rd January

I have just been told off, sort of.  Lady Carrington Bp(wh) wanted to show a photograph taken of her at Brighton last year to some relations.  Of course I had removed all last years content.  So here is that photo. I do like to keep our customers happy. If you have any request for me, polite ones that is, please get in touch.
4th January

I had a brief trip to the stables again yesterday.  This time with an extra large bag of carrots to encourage a few wins.   Gratefully accepted. Having remembered to take my camera this time I took some photos of the new buildings as I described earlier.  So the first shot is of the new storage area/walker cover/vehicle garage etc. 
The lower photo are the finished stables in the previous storage area.
11th January.

It is the one we have been waiting for.  Our first win of 2017.

10th January. 14:40 Wolverhampton.  A Fillies Handicap.  4yo+, 5f 216y, Class 5, 8 runners.  Winner £2,911.  Going: Standard.  Surface: AllWeather.

Beau Mistral (IRE) ridden by William Carson.

Certainly off to a good start.  Straight out of gate and into the lead.  3 furlongs left and still in lead and going strong. 2 furlongs still leading.  1 furlong still leading but being seriously challenged.  No one got near.  Beau Mistral and William Carson made all and took home a very good win. As the horse ran so well no doubt the handicapper will be watching this race again.   Nice ride by horse and Jockey.  Congratulations to the connections for bringing home our first win of the year.

If you wish to watch this race please click here.
19th January

I watched a good race yesterday.  5:35 Lingfield Park.  A Handicap.  3yo, 1m 2f, Class 5, 4 runners. Winner £2,911.  Going: Standard.  Surface: Polytrack.  Winning time: 2m 9.50s.  Poetic Force (IRE) ridden by stable jockey George Downing (3).

Only a small race but George Baker, a rival jockey and favourite,  let his tactics be known before the race. Basically just to go for it and leave his competition, Poetic Force, no chance to bring on a finishing spurt at the end.  Happily it did not work out like that.   During the final furlong of the race even though Poetic Force was at the rear they brought home that final flourish that saw George Downing push Poetic ForcePoetic Force responded with a burst of speed that saw them overtake the entire field and quite nicely take the win.  Giving his rivals no chance to catch up.  A good win for horse and Jockey.  If you would like to watch this race please click here.
21st January.

Time to catch up on our wins.  Our latest win this week was on Thursday.  20:30 Chelmsford City. A Fillies' Handicap.  4yo+, 6f, Class 5, 6 runners.  Winner £5,175.  Going: Standard.  Surface: Polytrack. Winning time: 1m 12.69s. Beau Mistral (IRE) ridden by William Carson

Out of the gate well and into the lead straight away.  Beau Mistral led all the way to the final bend and coming into the home straight they were still in front, but only by a matter of feet.  Anyone of them could have surged forward to steal that slight advantage.   Half a furlong to go and it was basically four horses in a row heading for the line.  Just a few yards left and still three horses trying. Beau Mistral with a nose just in front.  Very close win but a win is a win. Well done horse, rider and connections. ATR said "
Led, ridden 2f out, headed narrowly inside final furlong, rallied to lead again near finish, gamely".  If you would like to watch this race please click here.
27th Jan.

I have just watched a very good race.  14:10 Lingfield Park.  A Handicap.  4yo+, 1m 7f 169y, Class 6, 10 runners.  Winner £2,588.  Going: Standard.  Surface: Polytrack.  Winning time: 3m 23.34s. King Olav ridden by stable Jockey George Downing (3).

Out of the gate nicely and dropped into fourth just following the leaders around.     Three furlongs to go and George Downing let King Olav loose. From this point on King Olav just went for it.  They rode clear of the rest and no one was going to catch them.  At the line they were a good 6 lengths ahead of the nearest horse.  Nicely ridden George and congratulations to the connections.

If you wish to watch this race please click here.  

ATR said "
Tracked leaders, 2nd over 3f out, led inside final 3f, ridden clear well over 1f out, stayed on strongly   "

I must also add our congratulations to the Jockey George Downing too.  That race saw him loose his claim and now he joins the ranks of the senior Jockey's.  I have no doubt he will get plenty of rides.  A milestone for him.
31st Jan.

The wins seem to be gaining momentum, touch wood etc.  Our latest winner today.  16:20 Wolverhampton.  A Handicap.  3yo, 1m 141y, Class 5, 5 runners.  Winner £3,881.  Going: Standard.  Surface: all weather.  Poetic Force (IRE) ridden by stable jockey George Downing.

Out of the gate quite smartly George brought Poetic Force to sit just behind and between the two front runners.  Half way around still sitting in the same position.   At the two marker everyone is going for it.  Coming around the final bend and into the straight George really pushes Poetic Force on and the two front runners are seriously challenged by them.    Soon they pass the leaders they are in front but really have to go all out to keep that lead.  Finally they cross the line for the win.  Congratulations to horse, jockey and connections.  A fine race.  If you wish to watch the race yourself please click here.
4th Feb

Some good runs lately and yesterday another win. 16:10 Lingfield Park.  A Maiden Stakes.  3yo+, 5f 6y, Class 5, 7 runners.  Winner £3,234.  Going: Standard.  Surface: Polytrack.  Winning time: 0m 59.91s.  Hot Stuff with David Probert onboard.

Hot Stuff came out the gate first but David Probert soon settled Hot Stuff down to a steady, but quick, pace.  At the three furlong marker the horses were pretty much still bunched up. No one yet going all out.  Into the home straight with a furlong to go it could have been any of four horses taking home the win.  Hot Stuff had at this point been over taken by three horses but there still was not much to it.  In the final yards Hot Stuff came up to challenge the leader.  The two were neck and neck to the line.  Crossing the line I for one certainly could not tell who won.  Looking at the photo of the finish I would say that if Hot Stuff had a shave that morning he would have lost it.  None the less a well fought and well deserved win.  Well done horse, rider and connections.

If you would like to watch this race please click here.
15th Feb

A win for us today.  18:20 Kempton Park.  A Fillies Handicap.  4yo+, 6f, Class 5, 8 runners.  Winner £2,911. Going: Standard.  Surface: Polytrack.  Winning time: 1m 13.40s. Assertive Agent and the driver David Probert.

The real action from Assertive agent came when they passed the two furlong marker.  From towards the rear they moved forward.  Picking off the front runners one by one.  Passing the final marker it was a two horse race.  Each horse taking turns to nod in front. Gradually though Assertive Agent and David slightly increased their lead enough to make it a clear, but still close, win.  Nice one by horse and rider.  Our congratulations to the connections.  If you would like to watch this race please click here.
I went around the stables yesterday.  Everyone, as usual, very busy.  Lots of new horses in.  Work in progress all over the yard.  I noticed the new walker barn had been modified again to provide more shelter from the weather by the addition of  new sides and a door.  Looks very modern.

A few new staff too.  The new staff and horses giving me the "who are you?" look.  I have learned now that horses are not that much different from humans.  I offered a new horse a carrot. He gave me a "what do you expect me to do with that?" look. So I walked away being watched by the horse as I gave all the others a treat.  The new horse did not want to miss out so it tentatively gave a carrot a nibble, it was hooked.  It would have eaten the whole bag then, if I had let it.

So all are well and looking forward to the warmer, longer, days.  Roll on spring!
16th Feb.

Got to hold my hands up and admit something.  I forgot to put another winner up yesterday. So without further ado on with the report.

14:00 Wolverhampton.  A 'Hands And Heels' Series Apprentice Handicap.  4yo+, 1m 5f 194y, Class 6, 9 runners.  Winner £2,264.   Going: Standard.  Surface: All Weather.  Winning time: 3m 6.44s.  Scrafton ridden by Aled Beech (5).

Off to a slow start.  At the rear.  Half way into the race Scafton still towards the rear.  Passing the two marker and into the home straight is where we see Scafton perform. Quite quickly moving towards the front.  By the one marker Aled Beech has let Scafton loose and is moving up very strongly. Scafton and another horse  giving all. Neck and neck racing forward.  No doubt at this point the connections were shouting with all their might their horse home.  Right up to and over the line it was a two horse race.  So very very close.  Happy to report though Scrafton was declared the winner.  ATR said "
Held up towards rear, switched right and headway over 2f out, chased leaders over 1f out, led approaching final furlong, strongly challenged throughout closing stages, just held on "  Congratulations to connections.   If you would like to watch this race please click here.
23rd Feb

Yes I know Tony's entries and current form listings are not very good.  Sporting Life decided to change the format etc of their website, which of course they are entitled to do.  However they seem to have stopped listing the entries and placings as before.  I have put up a couple of temporary links till either they sort it out or I find better websites.

So to sumarise I did not change the links for fun but to resolve a problem. It was either these links or someone else's error page.  Will keep working on the problem.  Thank you for your patience.

Update.   I have found where they have moved the pages!  The links should look like they did before. Resolved?  Hope so!
24th Feb.

Well we had a win!  My trip to the stables with the GFC's (go faster carrots) was not in vain.   More updates on the stable visit and other things to come later.

23rd Feb 17:15 Chelmsford City.   A Handicap 1m 2f.  4yo+, 1m 2f, Class 6, 14 runners.  Winner £3,234. Going: Standard.  Surface: Polytrack.  Winning time: 2m 8.12s. Nouvelle Ere, ridden by stable Jockey George Downing

Out of the gates and straight into the lead.  So off to a good start.  They soon settle into the race and fall behind the first few horses to steady up Nouvelle Ere. Five marker still in same position.  Four marker still there.   Three marker starting to push.  Out of the second  bend  from the home straight and suddenly, as if from nowhere, Nouvelle Ere is in the lead and speeding up.   Final bend and while the other horses started to flag they actually increase speed.  Nouvelle Ere and George Downing have this race and made the win look easy, the rest of the horses drifting in behind.  Nice one!  If you would like to watch this race please click here.
27th Feb

Nice to have another winner.

14:20 Wolverhampton (A.W.) Handicap, Class 6, 4YO plus.  Winner £2,264 - 9 ran.  1M 1F 103Y.  Going Standard.   . Admirable Art  (IRE)  (1)  ridden by Adam Kirby.

Out of the gate and straight into the lead.  A fair pace right from the start.   Half way around Admirable Art still in the lead. Heading for the two marker Adam kirby starts to push and Admirable Art responds well pushing up the pace even more.  Final furlong the horse and rider giving it everything they have.  Horses behind now struggling to keep up.  Horse and rider 'made all' right from the start.  Crossing the line and bringing home a very good, clear, win.  Well done.  A good race. Congratulations to connections.  If you wish to watch the race yourself please click here.
Last Friday I accompanied Tony C to the races at Kempton. We often take it for granted when Tony turns up at the races and forget that whilst it is purely social and fun for us, hopefully, its still work time for him.  Up at 6am. Checking on everything. Supervising the training. In to the office and doing the entries. A days work in itself. Then into the car.  Driving down to Kempton, no mean feat in itself with all the fun of the M25, answering the phone on the way down. On arrival checking the horses. Instructing the Jockey.  Meeting and greeting the various connections. After all that he has to drive back home afterwards only to start the whole procedure again the next day.  You have to love the life or you would not last long at that pace.

Talking of Kempton I met some fellow connections whom I had last met at Brighton last year.  After drinking their wine and pinching their seats I took some photos of them and promised I would put them up on here.  So promise kept here it is, and thanks again for the drink etc.
1st March.

As some of you may have noticed we have been having trouble with the links to Sporting Life that gave us the yards performance and entries.  They changed the site location a few times and each time I re-linked they seemed to move it.  10, yes you read that right, 10 emails to them resulted in zero replies.  So now I have put up fresh links.  Who knows they may be even better than the last ones.

So sorry if it inconvinienced you but I really have spent the last two days trying to sort it out.

Hope you like the new links.  Thanks!
3rd March.

We have had a winner!  20:55 a Handicap1m 5f 66y.  4yo+ 14 ran.  Winner £3,234.  Going: Standard
Surface: Polytrack.  Par Three (IRE) 9-4 A Kirby.

Par Three apparently did not get off to a good start.  The commentator must have better eyesight than myself as I could not see that.  Par Three remained at the rear and if you could have put a bet on at the final furlong marker on the first time around you would have got really good odds. However at the final two furlong marker things start to happen. From well to the rear Par Three goes wide and starts overtaking.   One furlong to go and there are a lot of horses in front but Par Three increases in pace, and no doubt the connections volume too, and heads for the front.  In the last yards Par Three catches up the leaders.  Passes them.  Brings home a nice win.  Congratulations to connections, Par Three and Adam Kirby.  If you wish to view this race please click here.
Website links.

Our usual old links, onto the Sporting Life website,  stopped working so I found alternatives.  Sporting Life then brought out new links. So I disconnected the 'new' links and put the Sporting Life links back, their format is easier to read and understand. Then guess what.  They disconnected/hid their trainer entries again. Twice I have been through the above saga.  So as from today the links that are there now do work, touch wood.  So going to leave them alone for a while.  Will keep checking for you to see if I can find a good entries website.
3rd March.

Yes two reports in one day!

Just got back from the stables and have to say that the horses are really starting to look very fit.  Quite a few are chomping at the bit so to speak to get out there and race.   Trying to use that pent up energy. 

So whilst I toured giving out carrots I took a few photos I though you might like to see. 

Here is Nouville Ere with Vicky, Vicky insisted on brushing Nevil before I took his photo.  As you can see he looks really well.  As proved by his recent clear win, see report below.
As I made my way back from the bottom stables I felt like I was being watched.  Turning I found that I was. However I think it was more out of curiosity than an need for a carrot.
27th March.

Not doing it on purpose honestly!    Racing Post has once again played 'hide the entries page'.   So yet again I have had to move to another website for you to get your information. 

Sorry about this!   If anyone knows a better site for this information please let me know.  Thanks!
28th March.

We have had a winner.  Lets take a look.

Plumpton. 16:30  Chase 2m 3f 164y.  £7,000 added 5yo+ 5 ran.  Winner £4,549.  Going: Good to Firm (Good in Places)  Surface: Turf.  Mr Jim ridden by James Nixon (5)

Away nicely.  Towards the rear but that's not a problem at this stage.  It actually helped nearer home when the leading horse took the fence well, then promptly fell on landing. Bringing another horse and rider down with them.   Mr Jim was far enough away to avoid the falling horses and riders.  Jumped well and was now in the lead. Mr Jim consistently jumped well and with each jump increased their lead a little.  By the time Mr Jim had crossed the line James Nixon could have dismounted and gone for a cup of tea whilst waiting for the others to come in.  Nice ride.  Congratulations to connections.  If you wish to watch this race yourself please click here.
29th March.

Yet another winner, nice habit to have.

Today.  17:55  Kempton Apprentice Handicap.  6f.  (Class 6) Winner £2,264.  Going: Standard.  Surface: Polytrack.  Brother In Arms (IRE) ridden by stable jockey Aled Beech.

Just watched this race. Brother In Arms held up towards the rear for much of this race.  However the big change came approaching the final furlong marker.  Aled took the horse to the centre rail. Then asked for more and Brother In Arms responded.  A horse came up to challenge.  Aled Beech pushed harder and Brother In Arms responded again with a tremendous turn of hoof.  Aled down low on the horses neck.  Their lead quickly increased and no one was going to catch them.  Crossing the line and taking the prize.  Nice horse and well ridden. Congratulations to the connections. 

If you wish to view this race please click here.

Footnote.  You have to give these Jockeys their due. Yesterday I watched Aled Beech take quite a tumble from a horse but give him his due he got back on it and rode it.   An hour or so later I visited the stables and who should be there mucking out?  Yep you guessed it. Straight back from Wolverhampton to continue with evening stables.    All part of the job.   Did not hinder Aled's performance today though.
31st March.

Just had a reply from Sporting Life after I had sent them several emails politely asking them what had they done to the website and why change it if it was working?  Looks like I was not the only one complaining! Here is  a brief exert from the letter :- 

"Good afternoon,  First of all thanks for all the feedback following the relaunch of the Sporting Life website.
We continue to act on it and are pleased to confirm a number of features have been restored to the site recently. These include future entries on profiles..................

So I have once again changed the entries and results.  More than one person has said they preferred this old system.  Whilst it is not 100% the same its close enough.  

Sorry to keep chopping and changing these links. I am honestly not doing it because I think we need a change. Lets hope this is the final time after thier email.
7th March.

A winner. 5th March.  16:45 Wolverhampton.   Sir Jamie ridden by stable jockey George Downing

Horse and rider not that visible until George Downing made his move at the two furlong marker.  By the final furlong the pair were pushing for the front. Still a long way to go to catch the leaders though. Half a furlong to go and still two horses to beat.  Sir Jamie though was really picking up the pace and between the half furlong marker he over took the opposition and brought home a win, a very tight win but a win none the less.  Well done one and all.  If you would like to watch this race please click here.
17th April.

We had a couple of nice wins recently.  Just in time for the sunshine.  So on with the reports.

16 April.  3:30.  Ffos Las.  A Handicap Chase.  Class 4, 0-110, 5yo+.  2m3½f.  Good.  15 fences
1st £5,198.40.  Kingston (GER) 12/1 ridden by James Nixon(7)

Midway at the start.  The pace quite steady to start with.  Out of the back straight and still 9 fences to go Kingston still holding position near the front but with a lot of horses still to pass.    Four from home Kingston and Nixon make their move.  Pushing Kingston the horse was quickly in the third spot.   The pace had now really quickened.  All horses and riders trying hard to get to the front.  At the last jump Kingston takes it well and takes first position.   The final few yards was a two horse race.  Both pushing hard for the line.  Kingston takes the win and a nice win it was too!  Well done horse, Jockey and connections.  If you wish to watch this race yourself please click here. 
7:35.  Brighton.  15 April.  A Handicap.  Class 5.  0-70, 4yo+.  5f 213yds.  Good To Firm.  1st £3,169.81. 
Beau Mistral (IRE)  ridden by William Carson.

Out of the gate well.  Straight into the lead.   After this there is not too much to report.  Beau Mistral got into the lead and stayed there until they crossed the finish line.   'Made all' is the phrase that springs to mind.   The pair even increased their lead from the other horses in the final furlong.  Horse and rider rode really well and deserved the win.   Congratulations to all involved.  If you would like to watch this race please click here.
18th April.

The ink has hardly dried from yesterdays report and we have another winner today.

17:25 Southwell.   Apprentice Handicap (Class 5).  1m 6f, Standard.  7 Runners.  Winner £2,911.  Surface: Fibresand. Scrafton ridden by stable jockey. Aled Beech.(3)

Heading down the home straight for the first time at a steady pace Scrafton sat at the rear.  In the final half mile you could see Aled Beech looking for a gap to move forward.  As they rounded the final bend into the home straight the field opened up and Aled and Scrafton quickly took advantage of it and pushed forwards.  Soon taking up second place.   Two furlongs to go and Aled again pushes and Scrafton responds to take the lead.  The pack behind keen to catch them.   Final furlong and still in the lead.   Their lead kept  increasing and they took the win very comfortably.  No one really close at all.  Nice win.  Congratulations to all concerned.  If you wish to watch this race yourself please click here.
25th April

We had a winner yesterday, 24th April.  17:35 Lingfield (A.W.) A Maiden Stakes (Class 6) (4YO to 6YO)
Winner £2,911 - 6 ran.  Franks Cool ridden by L Morris.

Out of the gate quite nicely and running  in line with the back three horses.   Approaching the final bend in a good position on the outside, still at the rear,  with a clear view in front.   Coming out of the bend they started to make their move.  By the time they had got to the final furlong marker Franks Cool was up with the two front runners.   In the final few yards horse and rider sped up to leave the nearest horse a good length behind.  A nice win for the connections, horse and Jockey.  If you would like to watch this race yourself please click here.
This morning I was up at the stables bright and early.  To be greeted by a very cool northerly wind.  It was good though to be standing on the side of the gallops watching them thunder past.  Whilst there I met Martin, the owner of Nouvelle Ere, or Neville to his friends.  We all stood on the sidelines braving the northerly wind waiting for our horses to run.  Two lots later, and a nice hot coffee, I did my usual rounds with the carrots.  The horses appear to be raring to go, if only the ground would ease a little to let them.  At the moment its like concrete at some courses.    I did promise Martin I would put up a photo of Nouvelle Ere I took this morning so here it is, promise kept. Also a photo for another lady of her horse Essaka.
Nouvelle Ere
29th April.

Whilst at the stables I took a few photos.  Thought it may be interesting for you if I put an extra photo up every now and then.  So this is the first of the series.  Hope you like them.
4th May.

I have been requested to put up a link to a race last Monday at Windsor so the connections can watch the race again.   Happy to oblige.  To watch the 2pm Windsor Race on Monday 1st May please click here.

I am sure you will have also noticed that I have updated the Photo gallery with recent photos. My intention is now to update the photo gallery more often.
8th May.

Another photo request. Happy to oblige!
31st May.

A request from a reader.  Could I find an entries site that showed the jockeys  too?  I found one so I have now changed the link, again, on the office page.

We have also had two winners recently, so I also have some catching up to do!

The first winner to report. Leicester.  29th May.  14:40. A  Selling Stakes1m 2f.  £5,000 added 3-5yo 7 ran
Winner £3,234.  Going: Good.  Surface: Turf.  Sir Jack 9-7 Clifford Lee (5)

It all seemed to happen in the final three furlongs.   After heading for the front and getting there Sir Jack's pace kept increasing and so did their lead.  They brought home a nice strong win for the connections. No one close they won by a good four or five lengths.  Nice ride.  Congratulations to connections.

If you wish to watch this race yourself please click here. 
Our next winner. 

30th May.  14:50 Leicester.  A Claiming Stakes (Class 5)  7f, Good to Soft. 9 Runners. Winner £3,881 Surface: Turf.  Jet Setter ridden by George Downing.

Approaching the final few furlongs Jet Setter was well towards the rear.  Horses appeared to be drifting across the course and no one was clearly leading.   Two furlongs to go and Jet Setter had a lot of catching up to do if they were going to win.  One furlong to go and George asked and Jet Setter responded with a great turn of speed. Soon they were overtaking the leaders.  They kept speeding up and took the line.  A good, clear,  win.  Congratulations to the connections.  If you would like to watch this race please click here.
6th June.

I managed to get hold of a nice photograph of a proud owner.   No need to tell you who he is!
8th June.

I went off to the races on Tuesday, Chepstow.    Thanks to three forced road diversions I was just in time to watch the horse, Admirable Art,  disappearing back to the boxes after his win.   Oh well this stuff happens (that was the polite version). 

Lets get on with the nice stuff.  A winner!  14:30 Chepstow.  Tue 6th June . 14.30 A Handicap (Class 5)
1m 14y, Soft.  13 Runners.  Winner £3,234. Surface: Turf. Admirable Art with R Winston on board.

Midfield at take off.  All the horses running at a steady pace. Four furlong marker still in the same place. Three furlongs starting to move forward.  Pace quickening.  Two furlongs now about sixth. Robert Winston starting to push.  Final furlong around fourth but seriously challenging the leaders.  Quickly though Admirable Art up to the front and leading.  No slacking of pace and Admirable Art increases the lead up to and across the line.  Nicely ridden. A very good race.   Congratulations to the connections. 

If you would like to watch this race please click here.
As I said above I was too late to take a photograph of the winner but I did stay around for the another runner  Henry Croft.   Henry Croft looks in great condition, sadly did not win but as I had taken several photos of him anyway I thought the connections may like a photo of him up on the website.
I have noticed one extra benefit to going up to the stables and giving the horses carrots etc.  As they walk around the ring they notice the mobile carrot vending machine, me, and tend to look my way expectantly. Handy when you need a nice photo.
This is a comparative photo to show you what happens when you dont give them treats on stable visits. 
10th June.

16:20 Bangor.  Thursday  8 June.  16:20 A Handicap Hurdle (Class 4) 2m 7f 32y, Good to Soft,  6 Runners
Winner£3,899.00.   Surface: Turf.  Be My Sea ridden by stable Jockey Lee Edwards

By the time the horses had reached the 3 furlong marker they were all pretty strung out. Be My Sea was in the lead but the closest horses were doing their best to catch up and over take.  At the final fence Be My Sea took it well and gained a few more feet on the pursuers.   No slacking of the pace to the finish line, which is a good thing as another horse was on Be My Sea's heels!  Be My Sea  took the win.  Nice ride Lee.  Congratulations to connections, hope you have your voices back after shouting the horse home.  If you would like to watch the race then please click here.
4th July.

Got a bit of a surprise today when I visited the stables.    Head lad Mark, aka 'titch' was on the roof of the stables.  Mop in hand singing 'Rule Britannia at the top of his voice.  Men in white coats trying to lure him down.  Well perhaps I exaggerate a little bit.  He was singing, sort of, but I don't know what. (better not to ask) and there were no men in white coats, not yet anyway.  He was up on the roof  though with a mop.  For the past three days the stables have been going through an extensive cleaning operation.  Horses in paddocks enjoying the sunshine. Stables emptied of everything.  Steam cleaning each and every wall, floor and anywhere else they can reach. Water containers, blankets, rugs being thoroughly cleaned.  Fresh shavings put down. So literally from the roof to the floor in each and every stable and barn being treated.  Nearly half way there.  Still a lot to do.

I did visit the paddocks and the horses that have been reinstated into their clean stables. Giving each a GFC, a Go Faster Carrot for those who do not know.    Shall try and get up there tomorrow too. Will take my camera this time.  I wonder if he will still be up there?
7th July.

I visited the stables again yesterday morning.  Watched the horses on the gallops.  They did not exercise too much but got in as much as they could before the temperature rose too high.   As you will have noticed by the front page they tried to give the horses a little more shade by walking them through the woods in the middle of the gallops.   I wonder how many stable visitors even know the woods are there?

So carrots given out I looked on in envy as the horses each got a cooling shower and a rub down afterwards.  The horses were then given a breather  to nibble a bit of grass and dry out properly before being put back in their stables.  Not too bad a life being a racehorse.
14th July.

We have had a winner!!!!!

19:50 Chepstow.  Fri 14 July.   A Handicap (Class 4).  6f 16y, Good to Firm (Good in places).  7 Runners
Winner £6,301 . Surface: Turf.  Oeil De Tigre Ridden by Sophie Ralston (5)

Off to a quick pace and Oeil De Tigre up with the front runners right from the start.  At the four furlong marker it was anyone's race.  However by the two marker Oeil De Tirgre was firmly in the lead. The uphill climb in front of them could he hold on?  The answer is simply yes.  They had that lead and they were going to hold on to it.  No slackening of pace. Just a straight unassailable charge to the winning post.  I know the trainer and connections are equally delighted as myself to see this win!  Well done one and all.

If you wish to watch this race yourself please click here.

On a slightly less exciting note I did another tour of the stables, my second in two days, GFC's given out and gratefully received.  All looking happy in their nice clean stables.  It was a delight to wander around the stables on a lovely summers evening and seeing the horses looking so fit and well, thanks to the efforts of the staff.

17th July

Another one.  This is more like it!

16:15 Ffos Las.  17.  A Handicap (Class 6).  1m 3f 209y, Good.  13 Runners.  Winner £2,264 Surface: Turf.  t
Winning time:2m 34.33s.  Rowlestonerendezvu ridden by stable Jockey. George Downing

Pretty uneventful for the first five furlongs. Rowlestonerendezvu sitting mid-field.  No one yet making a break for it.  It all starts to happen at the three furlong pole. George Downing brings Rowlestonerendezvu to the outside ready to make their move.  Suddenly they take off.  Surging forward bringing another horse with them.  A case of who's stamina fails first.  The pack at this point being left well behind.  A small challenge in the last yards came to nothing and horse and jockey brought home a nice win.  A win by quite a distance too, the third horse was a good 11 lengths behind!   The connections must be delighted with this performance. 

If you wish to watch this race please click here.
22nd July.

Yes.  A win.  Keeping my busy, but this is the sort of busy I like!

16:30 Chepstow.  Thu 20 July.  A Handicap (Class 6).  5f 16y, Good (Good to Soft in places). 12 Runners
Winner £2,588.  Surface: Turf.  Winning time:0m 59.63s.  Toni's A Star  ridden by Alice Mills (5)

Off at a steady pace.  Horses spread across the start and not really bunching. Toni's A Star towards the rail Alice looking for, and finding, a gap to give her and Toni's A Star a clear run ahead.  3 marker and still a way back and a lot of catching up to do.  Two marker horses starting to bunch but Toni's A Star starts to challenge the leaders.  Final furlong in second.  Half a furlong to go now they are in front but challenged by a couple of horses.  Heading for the line one horse seriously challenges their lead but they hold on to take the win.  Must have been quite exciting for the connections to watch.  Hope they have their voices back by now.  Nicely ridden and a nice win.   If you would like to watch this race please click here.
24th July.

Normally I only put up wins but today I thought I would make an exception and put up a report of a second placing. I am sure the connections won't mind.   

20:45 Lingfield.  Sat 22 July.  A  Amateur Riders' Handicap (Class 6).  6f, Soft.  10 Runners.  Surface: Turf. Time Medicean ridden by Miss S A Coll (7).

Off nicely but was squeezed out of the front row.   Sophie quickly looked for and found a new gap.  Three furlong marker up with the front runners.  One furlong to go and the pair were in the lead.  Half a furlong to go and the line getting closer but so was a challenger.  Time medicean was over taken by the favourite but they managed a great second place leaving the rest of the horses well behind.   Nice ride by Sophie Coll. 

If you would like to watch this race please click here.
27th July.

We had another winner this week.  15:30 Ffos Las.  Tue 25 July.  A Handicap (Div 1) (Class 6) 1m 2f, Good to Soft.  9 Runners.  Winner£2,264. Surface: Turf.  Frantical  ridden by William Carson.

At the start Frantical at the back of the field and appeared to be left behind.   However they have a long way to go and its not always wise to go off fast in a 1m + race.   The real action starts at the three furlong pole.  Horses starting to bunch and Frantical starting to move forwards.  Two furlong pole in third and moving still gaining on the leaders. Final furlong in second but appears to be tiring.   Half a furlong to go and its nose to nose with the leader.  Last few yards and the lead is taken, and increased.   Bringing home a lovely win for Frantical and connections.  Nice one!

If you would like to watch this race please click here.

14th August.

A winner.   17:20 Wolverhampton. 14th August.  A Fillies' Novice Stakes (Plus 10) (Class 5).  6f 20y, Standard
8 Runners.  Winner £3,234.   Surface: All weather.  Shania Says ridden by  Manuel Fernandes (7)

Out of the gate and straight into the lead.   Sometimes this is a bad move as some can burn themselves out before the finish line, obviously not in this case though.    Three furlong marker and going around the bend still in the lead.  Just one furlong to go . Still in front but now starting to be seriously challenged.   Half a furlong to go and things not looking good. Shania Says has a horse either side now seriously challenging,  I bet the connections were shouting the horse home at this point.  Yards from home and three horses challenging.  That line can't come up quick enough.  They brought home the win.  Very close, nicely ridden.

If you would like to watch this race please click here.
Tony health update.    I went and had a cuppa with Tony the other day.  If it was not for the fact the leg/knee/ankle/foot must hurt like..anything (polite word used) you would think he had the easy life. Lay back on the sofa downstairs.  Watching racing on TV.  Sleeping when he can.  Only stopped with him for a while as I did not want to over tire him.  The tea was nice though!  

Tony did say to tell everyone how he was and update you. Short version.  Hurting, tired and frustrated he cannot get out to his horses.  Though he is constantly updated by Mark aka Titch and Tonys instructions followed.   The yard has really come together to support Tony and work to keep up the same high standards.

So next Tuesday, when hopefully the swelling has subsided a little, he is going into Worcester for a scan. Then the next day back again for the results and a chat about his treatment plan.   I do not envy him that trip.  Although it must be nice to get out and about that trip is no doubt going to be quite uncomfortable and very tiring.

Will give him a day or so to recover from the trips mentioned above then I will get another update for you.
24th August

Wed 23 August 2017.  4:50 Bath.  A Handicap (Div 1) (Class 6).  1m 2f 37y, Good (Good to Soft in places)
11 Runners.  Winner £2,264. Surface: Turf. Altaira ridden by William Carson.

Altaira right out of the gate very quickly and straight into the lead.  Once in front they developed a steady pace. Seven furlongs from home a horse overtook and started to race away.  Altaira however still kept up that steady pace.  Four furlongs to go and still in second, sometimes third, place.   The horse that shot off starting to tire. Three furlongs to go and the leading horse now a good ten lengths in front but Altaira starting to quicken with the obvious desire to reduce that gap.  The two  pole Altaira just behind the leader and closing fast.   Soon they had overtaken and got the lead.  No one was going to catch them now.  The nearest horse falling further and further behind.   Altaira and William Carson brought home a good win.  Nicely done.  If you would like to watch this race please click here.    On a personal note I think this win deserves a party?
Our next winner.  15:25 Bath.  Wed 23 August.  A Handicap (Div 2) (Class 6).  1m 2f 37y, Good (Good to Soft in places)  12 Runners.  Winner £2,264 Surface: Turf. Windsorlot ridden by stable Jockey George Downing. At the start Windsorlot ran in mid pack.  Three furlong marker and George makes  his move.  Surging forward to try and catch the leaders.  One furlong to go and Windsorlot has caught them and trying to get the lead.  In the last few yards it was a two horse race but Windsorlot had the pace and overtook the leader to snatch the race.  Nice one!  If you would like to watch this race please click here.
25th August.

This is more like it!  Third win in two days.

15:20 Stratford.  Thursday, 24 August.  A Novices' Handicap Hurdle (Class 5) 2m 2f 148y, Good. 7 Runners.  Winner£3,249 Surface: Turf.  Mr Mafia ridden by stable Jockey Lee Edwards

The action started on the home straight with just one more hurdle to go.  In second place at this point.  By the time they take the hurdle they have snatched first place.  Could they keep it though.  Not only did they keep their lead but they increased it considerably.  Once across the line Lee had time to pop off the horse and get a cup of tea while waiting for the rest to come in.  Good to see it all coming together.
If you would like to see this race please click here.
3rd September.
Tony Update.    He is progressing all be it frustratingly slowly.  Currently he is awaiting his surgeons return from holiday so he can give Tony a full report on the MRI and future treatment plans.  Tony also says he is going to try a wander, or should that be a hobble?, around the stables next week on the crutches.  Personally I think its inadvisable but you know Tony.  Can't keep an ex-Jockey down. 
Another winner.  16:40 Bath.  Thursday 31 August.  An Apprentice Handicap (Class 5).  5f 160y.  Good to Firm 9 Runners. Winner £4,690 Surface: Turf. Oeil De Tigre ridden by Sophie Ralston.

Horse and rider off to a really good start out of the gate.  Being drawn on the outside does not see to be a disadvantage to them.  Three furlong pole and in fifth position but in a good spot to race forward when they need to.  Two furlongs to go.  Starting to race in earnest.  Final furlong Oeil De Tirgre has gone slightly wide but that is not going to be a problem as they push hard for the front.  The finish line came up very quickly and personally I was not to sure who got the race it was that close.  Photo finish reveled that Oeil De Tirgre had got it!  Nice ride.   If you would like to watch this race yourself please click here.
20th September

A little bit of catching up to do!

A couple of winners.

The first one.   17:30 Salisbury.  Fri 15 September.  A Handicap (Class 6) Twilight Spirit ridden by Tom Marquand. 

For much of the race Twilight Spirit was held towards the rear but in the final furlong they made a dash for the line.  It was not going to be easy though as another horse put them under tremendous pressure.  As the two horses crossed the line it was very hard to see who had actually won.  A photo finish was judged and finally Twilight Spirit had got it 'on the nod'.   A very close race.  If you would like to watch it yourself please click here.
Our more recent winner.  14:40 Brighton.  18 September.  A Handicap (Div 1) (Class 6).  6f 210y, Good (Good to Soft in places)  14 Runners.  Winner £2,264 Surface: Turf.  Baltic Prince  ridden by stable Jockey  George Downing.
This is quite an easy report to write.  Basically Baltic Prince got out of the stalls first. Lead all the way around.  Never seriously challenged.  Won easily by a good couple of lengths from the nearest horse.  Nicely ridden George.  Congratulations to connections.  To watch this race please click here.
Tony Update.   Our Mr Carroll is looking much better.  The swelling on his knee and leg has gone down quite a bit.  He is now able to sit upright in a chair.   The Physiotherapist  is calling on a regular basis and although he is far from fit, leg wise, he is progressing really well.  I can see a marked improvement.  The yard team have really stepped up to the challenge and Tony has got quite adept in organising training programs, entries etc from his chair.  I cannot see him being confined for long!