Situated in the Vale of Evesham, surrounded by beautiful countryside, sits Tony Carroll's Training yard.  Designed and purpose built for the care and training of Racehorses. Tony and the team moved into their new home in early 2006 making it one of the most modern Racehorse training establishments in the country.

Everything is done to bring each individual horse upto its training peak.

The horses are housed in small groups so that each horse can maintain its natural social instincts.  Staff can take pride in 'their' area, health and Hygiene being at the forefront at all times.   Ensuring a happy, healthy well trained horse.
"Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground."
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Horse Transport. We use and recommend
Individual Paddocks Gallops Stables
Individual Paddocks Gallops Stables
stables2 Stables4 walker
stables2 Stables4 walker
6-box Exercise Ring Jumps
6-box Exercise Ring Jumps
Paddock Exercise Paddock Allweather
Paddock Exercise Paddock Allweather
New purpose built training facilities  including :-
* Schooling Ring
* Electric Horse Walker
* Stabling for 55 horses
* All weather Gallops
* Exercise Arena
* Practice Jumps
* Practice Hurdles
* Starting stalls.
* Large individual paddocks.
* Horse transport. 6 horse, 3horse, 2horse and individual.
* Trainer living on site.
* Acres of wide open, yet private, spaces
  where we can train and exercise your horse.
* We can arrange to  buy, assess, break and
   train your horse to your requirements.
* Agents in Ireland to hunt for that elusive bargain for you.
* Set weekly training fee's.

Please see our FAQ page for more details regarding fees.
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