(Frequently Asked Questions)
How much do you charge for looking after a horse?
Our terms and conditions are as follows.

Basic Training Fee    Kept at a fixed cost per week please phone Yard for current prices.
Blacksmith                 Average one set per month, invoiced directly from farrier.
Transport                   Invoiced directly from transport company.
Staff Racing hours    As per S.L.A and N.T.F. wage agreement
Worming                    Aprox every 8 weeks at 15 per dose, invoiced by Millhouse racing.
Veterniary                  As and when required,  invoiced directly from vet.
Clipping                     Average two clips per year at 20 per clip, invoiced by Millhouse Racing.
Teeth/back check     Annually, invoiced by Mill House Racing.   
When can I visit my horse and can I view your facillities?
At Mill House Racing we welcome visitors, please ring us on 01386 861020 and we can discuss a mutally agreeable time.
If you think a particular question needs asking or anything is unclear please let us know by using the contacts available on the office page. Thank you.
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